For over 54 years Forbes Travel Guide, formerly Mobil Travel Guide, has helped discerning travelers make informed decisions about where to stay, dine and spa. Since 1958 we have continued to develop the five-star rating system to reflect the highest levels of service and facility standards in the industry.


In 2005, Forbes Travel Guide put five decades of experience and expertise in creating and maintaining the most rigorous hospitality standards towards developing the world’s leading hospitality solutions organization.


Our focus is on the Guest Experience and Five-Star Customer Service. We empower staff to engage with guests in a smarter and more relevant way. 


Global Star Rating Program

The Global Star Rating Program provides the hospitality industry data, insight and transparency into Forbes Travel Guide’s rigorous and prestigious Five Star Rating System. Forbes Travel Guide anonymously inspects thousands of hotels, restaurants and spas, and the official Five Star, Four Star and Recommended star ratings are awarded once a year without appeal. The Global Star Rating Program invites a dialogue with our star-rated partners about our official ratings process and results. The goal of this program is not only to provide properties with the tools and insights to deliver a superior guest experience, but ultimately to serve the consumer by holding ourselves and the industry accountable. The benefits of the Global Star Rating Program include the following:


  • Access to Forbes Travel Guide’s proprietary service and facility standards for hotels, restaurants and spas
  • Results report from incognito evaluation inspection used to determine final official Forbes Travel Guide rating
  • Custom and standard benchmarking data, reports and analysis against Forbes Travel Guide star-rated properties
  • License to utilize Forbes Travel Guide and the official Five, Four or Recommended star rating marks and logos for promotional purposes
  • Featured profile on www.forbestravelguide.com with direct links to property’s booking engine
  • Inclusion in Forbes Travel Guide promotional programs


Service Evaluation

The Service Evaluation Program uses the same rigorous standards that are used in the Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Rating System. These are the most stringent standards in the hospitality industry.


  • Provides measurement needed to understand the property’s standing in the star rating system
  • Ultimate “practice test” to isolate operational strategies and focus on areas that need attention and development
  • Web-based, proprietary reporting system allows for tracking progress from report to report, observing trends, rewarding success, and planning training resources


Executive Training

Training modules within this program are customized to each property and take into consideration brand standards and initiatives. 


Our Executive Training Program focuses on developing a culture of intuitive, engaged team members, allowing the individuality of the property and the individual employee to flourish and be cultivated. 


  • Best Practices are shared in all modules of the Executive Training Program
  • Class sizes are determined by the hotelier and can range from 5 to 100 employees per session
  • Training sessions are performed by certified Forbes Executive Trainers